The Driving IDEA

The year 2020 has been harsh, particularly on the small and emerging businesses. During the pandemic, there was a major shift to online shopping. Businesses ran well for those with an online presence, and those which had only offline presence were left behind. Considering, that these businesses were the only source of income for many. Realizing this, we thought of forming a group using the social media platform to identify artisans, craftsmen and local sellers and bring them to a common platform.

We created a group called Hidden Creators on Social Media (Facebook) and started adding members whom we felt had some hidden talent and creativity and we should promote their talent and eventually turn this into a business opportunity. While we were doing this we found, there were already artisans and sellers trying to find their way on various social media platforms and flaunt their talent. We motivated them further and explained to them the benefit of online selling on an e-commerce platform as a registered seller.

Thus, Indiafad was born as the home for these creators and small businesses, bringing forth their skills and artistry on an online platform, creating sustainable earning sources.

The Genises

Indiafad is just born, this is only the beginning, we have a long way to go. We have only started to crawl, but we are confident the day is not too far when we will create history! Very often does our lives offers us the opportunity to make a difference not just for ourselves but for others. Indiafad for us is that opportunity. We are not just here to sell but to create a social impact.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to promote a collaborative effort to create India’s largest affordable lifestyle marketplace and a platform to give artisans and creators a robust place to list their creativity, thus eliminating the presence of middlemen. The products will be shipped directly from the artisans to the buyers.

  • To create a value proposition for every Indian. The entire value chain is technology-enabled and seamlessly operates through Indiafad Mobile Application and Website.
  • It is 100% made by Indians to support Atmanirbhar Bharat for our Indian sellers. It is time to support the mission of “Vocal for local” and “Made in India" but "Made for the world”.

The ambition is to promote a marketplace that will create a social impact in Indian lives. Indiafad is an e-commerce with a difference.

We want to give a platform to everyone who had not gotten any opportunity to showcase his/her talent to the outside world- their handicraft, paintings, and even small businesses to grow and outshine in the tough times of COVID. There is an abundance of talent in India, but the problem is it is HIDDEN, we at Indiafad want to bring to the forefront this talent and show to the world that Indians are born creators.

Our vision also incorporates woman empowerment to the core by providing them with a platform to be self-reliant. Every woman is the creator of life, and now she can spin magic with her talent too and create an identity of her own and become financially independent.


Vijay Thakral, Founder & CEO

Vijay has previous association includes popular e-commerce and online payment app and after spending a good 15+ years in the Corporate world, he is now looking forward to trying his hands as an entrepreneur. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds multiple certifications in the field of risk and advisory. His previous stints were at Flipkart and Paytm, where his core job role was understanding business risks and figuring out control measures to mitigate these risks. Also, Vijay comes from a lineage of business owners and has the fundamentals of business etched in his DNA.

Geeta Thakral, Co-founder

Geeta comes with entrepreneurial experience and has been successfully running her business for more than 15 years. She has worked with some of the most reputed export & buying houses, and after getting hands-on experience, she started her designer boutique in Delhi. Geeta understands the customer shopping-mindset as well as the ins and out of the retail market. She holds a Business Graduate Degree from Delhi University and is also the co-founder of the Indiafad group on Facebook. This group under her motivation gained more than 1000 members in less than two months from its start. She is the individual responsible for the artisan & creators to connect on a common platform. She is leading the social media efforts of Indiafad in connecting and promoting the hard work of those who deserve it.